High Quality Services

We are a small, pet loving & well equipped friendly team of vets, led by Dr. Sabyasachi Konar (B.Svc, M.Svc & Phd) who have been providing veterinary care in Kolkata for many years. Our aim is not only to treat your pets, but to provide a loving & caring and quality veterinary service dedicated to the needs of our clients and their pets throughout all stages of their lives.
We do understand that bringing your pet to our clinic is a difficult task , particularly when your pet is sick, but we do our utmost to ensure each visit is as stress free and as positive an experience as possible. All of our staff are extremely experienced, so we understand that pets are family members and that you want them to be as happy and healthy as possible.
Like humans, prevention is always better than cure in case of your pets too. Hence we insist & ensure regular health checks, keeping vaccines and anti-parasitic treatments up to date, using some form of dental care (brushing, chews or dental biscuits) and monitoring bodyweight will help ensure your pet remains healthy and fulfils its maximum life expectancy. 
Inspite of precautions, when your pets fall ill, early detection and treatment usually mean less needs to be done to fix the problem. For conditions that are managed rather than cured (eg arthritis, or chronic kidney disease) early intervention can increase longivity and slow down progression of disease.
We always discuss in detail all the options available, costs involved and assist you in making an informed decision that suits both you and your pet.
We always maintain our quality and uplift our standards by maintaining state of the art instruments and most modern ways of treatment. All our staffs are well trained and enough motivated to target only at the well being of your pets.
We are committed to give you the best quality care for your pets and also in case of emergency services 24 x 7.
We are confident and assure you that you will have no reason to complain regarding our services and care.
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